The Program UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs, launched in 1992, promotes the universitary international collaboration and network organization to increase institutional skills through knowledge sharing and collaborative work. Through the Network, Universities share their human and material resources to face the most pressing challenges and contribute to the development of society. The Network is able to provide experts and mediators between academic world, civil society, local communities, research and politics, demonstrating its usefulness in informing policy makers, establishing new educational initiatives, generating innovation through research, contributing to the enrichment of existing university programs while promoting cultural diversity.

UNESCO Chair is established for a period of four years through an agreement signed by UNESCO General Director and by the Rector of the university/research institute. The UNITWIN Cooperation Program consists of a partnership between UNESCO and a network of universities and/or research institutes (from three up to ten) in different countries that subscribe a joint agreement with UNESCO. The partnership is formalized through an agreement between UNESCO and the network, which must express the objectives of the collaboration and the expected results, also describing the terms of operation and support of the network.


The UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs Program is implemented as a priority in areas related to the areas of competence of UNESCO, such as education, natural and social sciences, culture and communication.

Le Linee Guida e le Procedure define the criteria and the procedures for the establishment and operation of the UNESCO Chairs and the UNITWIN Cooperation Program.

Last update 11 February 2022